The firm

We are a Law Firm which provides Legal and Notary Consulting Services, including contract drafting and authorization and legal representation in both ordinary and arbitral jurisdiction.


The Firm was founded in 2003 and since then we have increased our logistic and staff structure, specializing in the regulation and implementation of investments and businesses.


From the beginning our aim has been to provide creative, innovative and efficient solutions which satisfy the particular needs and expectations of each client. We are a multidisciplinary Firm who seeks Excellency by means of constant updating and a strict confidential level.


Our Group of Professionals has a solid academic background and wide experience. Each member of our staff is committed to satisfying our clients’ needs in a customized way, basing our actions on principles of honesty, good faith and loyalty. We are distinguished by a strong dedication to service, strictly complying with the Code of Ethics of the Uruguayan Bar Association.


Our commitment to work and dedication to service have allowed us to consolidate in the past ten years a large number of clients from Uruguay as well as from abroad. They are our best introduction.